AVEVA Gatekeeper

Validate the integrity of incoming information against configurable, defined criteria, whether applicable industry standards or enterprise-specific ones.

AVEVA NET GatekeeperThe Digital Twin

  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. Also called a digital information hub, it continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • A complete AVEVA NET-based implementation of a digital twin will comprise a number of ‘building block’ applications, configured according to particular requirements
  • AVEVA NET Gatekeeper’s role is illustrated in the diagram to the right

Streamlined Data Loading

  • Ensures that information complies with industry and operating standards
  • Only information which is new or changed since the previous import is loaded into the digital twin

Ensure that Information Assets are of a Known Standard

  • Levels of validation compliance can be defined and Non-compliant data can be rejected automatically or accepted for import but flagged for review and resolution
  • Capable of automatically importing thousands of data objects in a single upload

Accelerate Project Handover, Commissioning and Start-up

  • Best practice in major capital development projects requires that the handover of the huge volume of information from the project’s Engineering Contractor (EPC) to the Owner Operator (OO) is phased throughout the life of the project rather than delivered all at once at the end of the project lifecycle
  • To manage this efficiently AVEVA Net Gatekeeper requires that all technical information related to every specific asset be confirmed for consistency, accuracy, and completeness against a predefined set of information standards through all phases of the project


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