AVEVA Engineering

AVEVA Engineering brochureThe smart alternative to spreadsheets. Manage the ever evolving, multi-discipline of engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment during the entire asset and operational life cycle.

Shared repository of engineering information that supports multi-discipline collaboration.

  • AVEVA Engineering manages the collaboration between different disciplines around the definition of tagged objects (Tags) and their related multi-disciplinary data.
  • Each discipline retains ownership to their own data while having read access to the data owned by other disciplines.
  • Based on a powerful hierarchical data modeling mechanism, customers are allowed to structure their data appropriately and drive advanced application behavior.
  • Controlled exchange of Information and optimized production of list and datasheet deliverables.

Ensuring Data Quality.

  • Correct - Utilizing a common database approach with validation functions ensures that data will be correct.
  • Consistent - All data across 1D–2D–3D will be fully aligned into a consistent set of information through seamless integration.
  • Complete - Maturity of information can be monitored and controlled across the different project phases.
  • Confident - Access control, change tracking and history functions ensure that unauthorized changes have not been done to the data.

AVEVA EngineeringTake control of your engineering data - during project execution, handover and operations.

  • Gets engineering data out of disconnected spreadsheets and into a database that provides for spreadsheet-style editing of engineering data.
  • Efficient creation of engineering data sheets, lists, and schedules.
  • Controlled object revisioning - When one discipline publishes any changes, other disciplines are made aware by selective notifications.
  • Ensures better control of data consistency and completeness during the design process.
  • Unrivaled opportunities for integrated schematics, engineering, and 3D working.




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